We've Been Played... Exposing the TRIAD of TYRANNY
Money is at the heart of it all...
How Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Government are destroying the American Heathcare System
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Peter A. McCullough
"Sit back and get ready for a fast-paced, incisive, and truly authoritative accounting of critical factors contributing to the current healthcare crisis—Jensen delivers with masterful writing and a clarity of presentation, and a conviction grounded in faith."
- Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH
We've been played!

Bold statement but true! In fact, all of us living in the United States of America have been played. Granted, nobody likes being played. But when you understand what has been happening in America for the past twenty-plus years, you'll realize that we have all been conned, manipulated, and lied to—and it has to stop!

In this book Dr. Scott Jensen details how the United States healthcare system has been sabotaged and hijacked by a tyrannical convergence of Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Government — the triad of tyranny.

“Follow your conscience — free from fear, coercion, and deceit. Realize the power of shared voices. And know this: alone, there is so much we cannot do, but together, there is so little we cannot do.”
- Dr. Scott Jensen

For centuries the cornerstone of healing has involved relationship, context, compassion, skill, and trust. The 21st-century house of medicine (with assistance from other involved stakeholders) has instead embraced a new paradigm of evidence-based medicine, algorithmic order sets, electronic health records, rigid patient requirements, and physician productivity metrics.

Yes, something changed.

It’s time to declare that we have all been played. Unwittingly perhaps, but nevertheless played, played to the hilt. And just as importantly it is time to ask the million-dollar question: Who has played us? Who caused patients to feel like pawns, or even worse, roadkill? Who has driven healers to quit? Who has stripped citizens of their health freedom? Who has too casually discarded the value of “informed consent”?

I will tell you who the players are — who played you, and who played me.

I have come to recognize that medically related agendas not centered on patient wellbeing and physician guidance can be a poison to patients and doctors alike. And this is exactly the root of the problem. Schemes emanating from Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big Government too often do not serve healers or the sick. This triad represents a dangerous and insidious force that works against transparency and health freedom. It is the triad of tyranny. Its appetite is for power, dollars, and control.

In “We’ve Been Played...Exposing the Triad of Tyranny” I will tell you of a new lens through which to see the forces that would do us harm.

Relationship Matters

The foundation of medical care is the time honored connection between patient and doctor and it relies on trust and advocacy. It is fracturing.

This collection of patient stories repeatedly directs attention to a landmark question: How can patients and doctors together restore balance, advocacy, and trust to the matter of giving and receiving medical care? The lessons within can galvanize both patients and doctors to commit to rebuilding the vital relationships they once enjoyed bonds that can make the difference between good or bad care, relief or suffering, even life or death.


From a Reviewer: Relationship Matters

"Dr. Jensen has brought to light the fracture that has torn apart the sacred relationship between patient and physician. A longtime friend recently told me of her request during a visit with her primary care physician when he fixated on the computer screen: "Sir, please turn around and talk to me so I don't have to speak to the back of your head.!"